Estuve esperando que el libro va a cambiar y ganar mi interes con la segunda mitad del libro, como he hecho “Eva Luna”. Pero “Los Siete Locos”  tiene una tendencia de quedarse lo mismo. Hablando de Erdosain,  puede ser que su vida, tan aburrida sin busque de nuevas actividades esta representada muy bien con el estilo de escribir que la moyoria de nosotros considere aburrimiento.

                    Lo que es similar entre este libro y otros que hemos clasificado como malos es que es muy dificl a relacionarse con cualquier de los personajes. Aunque siempre es interesante a concer el desconocido y leer algo extrano, es tambien importante a poder entender los valores de los personajes y relacionarlos con los de nuestra vida  propia. Aun quedo con este opinion.



  1. Dave Says:


    El hecho que es algo diferente y desconocido para mi aguanto’ mi interes. Aunque estaba perdido on unos de los discursos y “rants”, el hecho que era diferente es que destaco’ para mi. Encontre’ los otros libros como cliches. Podria relacionar con unos aspectos de Erdosain (tristamente), pero los otros realmente no.

  2. BLAKE Says:

    It’s true that if a book’s protagonist relates to the reader, the reader will obviously enjoy the book more, because whenever one can relate something to themselves it is more meaningful and therefore more entertaining (less boring). And I totally agree with you here, I’d much rather read a book that relates to me~! And there is nothing wrong with being entertained by a book, but, that is not to say that if a book fails to entertain a reader it is bad literature. Is it the authors job to relate to every reader? Does every good book have to be universal?

  3. Rhiannon Says:

    exactly, a book can’t possibly try to be accessible/’relatable’ to every possible reader. what kind of book would that be? Dick and Jane comes to mind! 😛 in other words, simple and shallow. which is exactly what i thought of the alchemist. Coelho is like the proud yet ignorant/neglectful father that sits his son down and tries to ‘talk some sense into him’. atleast that’s how i felt while reading it. i found him quite condescending; as if he was talking down to his readers from up on his high horse. but hey, i guess if that’s what the masses want then he’s dishin’ it out proper. 😉
    Arlt, on the other hand, is presenting his novel in a more ‘take it or leave it’ kind of way. yes, it’s very specific. unlike the alchemist it defines and assigns a specific class, gender, situation, conversation, place, etc… and it is up to the reader to either engage with it or be utterly bored. -being bored not meaning that the book is ‘bad’ necessarily but that it does not speak to that particular reader at that particular time in their life. food for thought.. 🙂

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