This course was, without a doubt, different from any other course I have taken before. It is rare for a teacher to encourage students to read books that he does not personally like and considers bad literature and yet lead an intersting course, full of humour, entertaiment and above all learning. Yes, many of the books that we have ready can be describe as “bad literature” yet we learned from them. They say that in order to recognize what is good, one must witness the bad and these books were primary examples of what an author should avoid.

Regardless of the quality of the books, they were successful in expanding my vocabulary. I may  consider them bad books, lacking meaning or interesting details, however I recognize that I can still learn from them.

They say one can alwas learn from anybody and anything, and I guess bad books are no exception. My grade 12 English teacher, Mr. Henderson (God rest his soul) used to say, “Read Everything! From Hamlet to your Cereal Box!  Read the Classics! Read Junk! Then, you will learn to recognize quality and appreciate it.”

His advice made sense to me back then, and continues to do so till this day. That’s why I see the importance of this course and how crucial it is to be able to learn from everythign and anything that we read.



  1. Elena Says:

    I agree that it’s different that a teacher wanted us to read bad literature and maybe think it’s bad (he can’t force opinion), I but I don’t think it’s much different than a normal lit class where the teacher presents the “classics” and wants us to appreciate it. Either way we’re going to make our own opinion. It’s just important that we’ve been educated and introduced to different kinds of literature, and the importance of this class is that we have heard another opinion.

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